South Africa's Leading Real Estate And Property Investmnet Group

To sell or not to sell? This question inevitably comes up when you build your property portfolio. IGrow Real Estate can advise and assist you with these strategic decisions, and provide you with perfect solutions.

The IGrow Group is the leading property investment and management, marketing, and financial services group in South Africa, providing our clients with prompt sales through our network of more than 65000 IGrow investors and primary home purchasers. IGrow concluded investment sales transactions worth more than a billion rand in 2017, and is well positioned to assist you with a comprehensive marketing solution

Property Investment Advice
for the South African Real Estate Investor
Our experienced team has successfully guided thousands of novice investors towards financial freedom, through our bespoke property investment services.
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Property education & seminars
We equip our investors with the necessary tools, knowledge and peace of mind to start a buy-to-let business and to make property investment the cornerstone of their retirement savings.
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Trusts & accounting
Trusts allow investors to legally mitigate their risks by ensuring that all businesses, properties, investments and assets are owned in the appropriate trust and corporate structures. IGrow provides tax and accounting services to our clients as well.
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Property & wealth
IGrow prides itself on negotiating South African property opportunities below their market value - creating even better returns for our investors. These rental properties are in demand and provide investors with high capital growth.
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Video Marketing
IGrow Real Estate uses professionally shot video to showcase all listings
IGrow uses professional video and photography, as well as high-quality drone footage of the property, to professionally market each mandate. Our videographer will visit the property to shoot footage, which will be edited into a slick, professional showcase highlighting the property’s best features.